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Develop Irresistible Attraction - Case Studies
The people in these case studies are available for interview.


Dear Connie:

The goal setting method you present in your workbook and workshop has helped me meet all three of my goals. First, I wanted to find a nice man to date. I had signed up with an Internet dating service, but had not received even one response to my biography in an entire year. Then, I developed an affirmation based on the technique you taught us, and by the next day, I had six responses, and in a few more days, I had sixteen responses. Now, I have so many men that want to have a date with me, I don’t know who to choose. I am so excited.

have also applied the Law of Attraction process you teach to building my business. I began a day spa business called About Face and Body. I offer European facials, microdermabrasion and a weight loss patch. I used your technique to obtain the special machine for the microdermabrasion. Normally, the machine costs $10,000, or more. I was able to buy it at half price, saving over five thousand dollars. Also, I had three customers booked before I even opened, and had thirty customers booked during my first week.

In addition, I used your method to attract the perfect weight loss system into my life. It is a patch worn on your body 24 hours, 7 days a week. I was delighted to not have to take pills, mix special shakes, or eat special foods. The patch totally took away my cravings for junk food, including the chocolate Frosties that I consumed daily and was addicted to. I lost fifteen pounds and now sell the patch so others can benefit.

I am manifesting my goals and dreams so quickly, I have to be careful what I think, because it comes true almost immediately.

Thanks so much for all you do,

Beth Mansfield

About Face and Body
Phone: 919 881-0738



Dear Connie:

I just want to thank you so much for the enlightenment and empowerment I achieved after reading your workbook and attending the LOA workshops. I set my business goals immediately after taking the classes and I have far exceeded my target to grow my wellness business including gathering customers and new business partners by using the techniques that you taught me. My business has extended into three new states and my check has increased every month since I took the workshops...sometimes with double digit growth....this is very exciting information that I believe every one can benefit from! I am amazed at how simple it was to follow your system and grow my business.

I am currently applying the system to attract a new mate! I found the information I learned to be a benefit to me in all areas of my life as I begin to attract what I want and become attractive to others that want to improve their health and grow a home based business...thank you so much for putting this workshop together...I am very grateful to have had this breakthrough in deliberately creating the life that I am wanting.

Rosemary Martin
Marketing Director
Ideal Health



Hi Connie:

When I first came to the LOA workshop, I was unemployed and I had been searching for full time permanent job in my field for the previous 2 1/2 years. When I was employed on a temporary basis, I was barely making enough to get by. Even though I would have settled for almost ANY full-time permanent job with a nearly livable salary, I still couldn't get it!

I began the workshop stating that the exact job position I wanted with the company I thought was ideal for my field. I also said that I wanted a job where I felt like I was making a difference, and I wanted to make more than I ever did in the past. Your workshop and workbook helped me identify and remove the psychological blocks that had kept me from obtaining the job I wanted and deserved. After removing all blocks, four months later, I was offered that job that made me feel like I was making a difference and my salary actually totaled to more than my goal! My family and friends are really surprised at how much my life has turned around.

Now I am trying to apply the LOA concepts to my love life:)




Hi Connie,
I enjoyed talking with you yesterday at church. Last year when I took your Law of Attraction (LOA) class, I had no idea how this would impact my life. My successes in everyday life have been affected by the principles that you teach in your workshop and workbook, and I am truly grateful to you for that. My Internet businesses have grown so fast, I have not had time to write you about them until now.

About two months ago, I started a new business where I can express my love for pets and make money too. My focus now is on this new business. It is so much fun. Our pets are an important part of our lives. They give us so much unconditional love. They should also live longer. Because of the heating process that pet food goes through, many nutrients are lost. Just like us humans, we cook our food and have to take vitamins. The Nutriceuticals for dogs and cats are wonderful supplements to ensure their health and longevity. The products are wholistic with no artificial additives.

I am again enjoying building a successful business quickly using the principles I learned from LOA.
Here’s for Your Success,

Evelyn Hill

Phone: 919-266-7371
Cell phone: 919-649-1672



Two years ago, I decided to visit the Unity Church of Raleigh and heard that Connie Domino was teaching a class on The Laws of Attraction. This raised my curiosity because I met Connie 11 years ago and remember her to be a dynamic lady leaving a lasting, positive impression! I decided to take the class and did not realize the impact it would have on my life.

My work is very rewarding; I cherish the people and relationships I am privileged to meet; I look forward to the new situations and challenges presented on a daily basis and I thought of myself as a pretty positive person already. Several years ago, I read, The Prayer of Jabez, and I was already praying the prayer every day and adding prayers of thanksgiving at the end of my prayer. ... but something seemed to be holding me back from the things that I wanted and I did not have a clue to what I was doing wrong.

In the class, I learned that we attract everything we have into our lives by our thoughts, both good and bad! In the class, one day, I mentioned that I loved my work, but I was bored with my social life ! Someone in the class pointed my statement out to me and said, "You are causing your own boredom!" So I had to make a reality check! ... and she checked out to be right ! I developed a burning desire to change what I was doing, make some new friends, join some new clubs and adventures and now my life is everything, except boring!

I also learned "having negative thoughts" (our body vibrates at a low frequency and attracts the same) is like putting the brakes on the dreams that we most desire. These thoughts cause negative feelings which lead to low feelings. So now, when something bad happens to me, I reflect, "what could I have done or felt or thought to create this!?" When something good happens to me, I think the same thing. It has become almost like a little mind game, but it keeps the positive thoughts coming and "puts the brakes" on the negative thoughts. Now, the negative thoughts pop up less and less frequently.

My work and my clients are more successful than they have ever been. I have more friends than I ever thought possible. I have more invitations to do exciting activities than I can possibly take advantage of and I have found my energy to be contagious! I am so thankful for the wonderful people who have entered my life since I started working on my "creative side" [smiles]. We are creating thoughts every second of the day! Thank you Connie for the work you are doing! You are one of my blessings!

LC Lyon

The STOP Clinic
Phone: 919.781.7867

PS: Wonderful things continue to happen to me on a daily basis ! Just 30 minutes ago, an advertising agent for our local phone company called to renew my business advertisement for the yellow pages and a little while into the conversation, he said, " hey, you are such a nice person that I am going to give you a 15% discount on your add !" ... and I didn't even ask for it ! The little blessings in life add up and are greatly appreciated and recognized!



Dear Connie:

Connie's approach to transformation grabbed my 100% attention from the first class. I remember and utilized many strategies from the class but one particular group conversation stands out from the rest. With Connie's facilitation, the group explored the concept of "boulders". Are there boulders in our lives blocking our energy that we are not even aware of, or more likely, and worse, that we intentionally placed in the way of our own highest good? My answer to that question was a definite, “yes.” It was a moment of disequilibrium for me to take responsibility for not achieving so many of my personal dreams such as a truly loving relationship and a loving family. I was also very unhappy in my job at the time, as well. I remember the discomfort of owning my part in not allowing myself to permit the very things I wanted the most into my life. Connie gently guided the group through a process in which everyone took away just what they needed to create change and transition.

Today I am about to celebrate my one year wedding anniversary. I married the love of my life a year ago at 37 and we are expecting our first child near Thanksgiving. I was promoted (with a raise) to a job much more suited to my talents, interests, and abilities. Last week I received a call to interview for a position with state government (higher than the one I previously hold) without even applying for the position! The person remembered me from an interview months ago, and said that I was the first person she thought of when the new position became available. I have two lovely step children in my life today and so many other blessings. The lesson learned for me was to not stand in the way of my own highest good... to allow my dreams to flow into my life freely and without telling God HOW.

Rose-Marie Shigas



I took Connie’s workshop in the summer of 2003. At the time, I had a major family forgiveness issue. When I learned the technique and forgave this family member, my life starting coming together. Since that time we have both healed in ways I could not even have imagined before.

Most recently, I have manifested a wedding ring left to me by my grandmother. One of the attributes I wrote in my relationship affirmation was for a “man that cooks.” I not only manifested a man who can cook, but he is actually a chef on a riverboat. I wrote an affirmation for a Nissan Pathfinder, and it just so happens that the “chef” I manifested also owns a Nissan Pathfinder that he lets me drive while he is out of town working on the riverboat. I have manifested my own business which is a hair salon and a spa. Recently, I needed a book for a study group and the bookstore had run out. I went to the group anyway and a member in the group gave me his book. In both big ways and small, I am having the time of my life manifesting my goals and dreams.

With deepest gratitude,
Beth Broadway

Beth Broadway Hair Salon and Holistic Spa
(919) 741-0011



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