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 Special Information for Those Building a Network Marketing Business

“A Happy Achieving Downline Makes for a Lasting Prosperous Business”

Having experience with network marketing, I understand that what gets in the way of your business builders is often not their desire for your product or enthusiasm in building their business, but their “personal issues” which have built up over a lifetime. They set their business goals, but have energy blocks and doubts that keep them from manifesting. Recently, a client I was coaching said she had sponsored an enthusiastic person into her downline who had bought $1000.00 worth of product right off the bat. Then, this new recruit began having problems with her partner who was addicted to alcohol. Due to her relationship problems she could not focus on her business goals, and would not even return phone calls to her sponsor.

Doubts, energy blocks and personal issues in any area of a business associate’s life (whether it be financial, relationships, job or health problems) can block their network marketing goals from manifesting.

What my workshops, CDs and books can do for your downline is assist them to become very clear about their business goals and what might be blocking those goals from manifesting. I actually teach them specific techniques for recognizing and removing those blocks. When the blocks are removed their business profits increase by leaps and bounds.  Several of the clients listed in the case studies and success stories on my website are building network marketing businesses. You can read the case studies and see for yourself how removing doubts and blocks made their bottom lines increase dramatically.

I will be conducting workshops all over the country. For every person in your downline you refer who attends (with official company identification), I will send you $20.00 as a personal thank you. In addition, if you would like me to offer my workshop to your entire downline at the location of your choice, contact me and we can schedule that as well.  See the Workshops page of my website.

I offer you 20% -  $3.00 for any book (Develop Irresistible Attraction) sold to distributors in your upline or downline, or even your friends or family.  
I also offer $12.00 on any CD set sold to your upline or downline.
For fee based workshops, I offer $20.00 for each person you refer that attends.
To reach larger numbers and make even more money, you may want to talk to your top upline and split the profits. Say if a top of the company upline has 5000 - 10,000  people in their group and you split the profits with them, you still get $1.50 on each book sold and $6.00 on each CD set and $10.00 on each person attending a workshop. They get the other half, but you can begin to see how these "bucks" can get quite big, if you involve the top of your upline. Just do the math for some exciting and motivating results!!!!
I also will be more than happy to meet with your top upline or company representative to explain how this program can really benefit their distributors if that would be helpful.
The workshop takes about 6 hours to complete, not including lunch. Lunch will be on their own.  You will need to provide the space. There will need to be a minimum of 10 people. If the group is small, they can fit in someone's home.  The workshop cost will depend on the location. If the workshop is in the Triangle area of NC where I live, the cost will be $100.00 per person. If I need to fly and pay for a hotel, the early registration discount will be $195.00 per person. This includes the course book Develop Irresistible Attraction (198 pages) and workbook (11 pages) and all other workshop materials.  This is a special workshop for business builders tailored to meet their needs, but of course the goal setting method works for any goal they desire in their life. You can invite others interested in goal setting if you need the numbers to meet the minimum of 10 people.
If any person you recommend attends any of my workshops listed nationwide (except the love offering or free introductory ones) I can place the commission directly in your Pay Pal account. If you don't have one, they are free and easy to set up. This is true for any person you recommend that buys a book or CD set as well.  We just place your commission directly in your Pay Pal account, and you can remove the money anytime you get ready.
 You can send a link to our site via email to your business associates and friends, or we can even set up a page directly on your web site and everytime a product is bought from one of your friends or business associates, you get a commission.  You can also sell via flyers and word of mouth with our web page link listed.  Just let us know the name and email address of those you've contacted and when they buy, you get the credit.
Again, if you involved your top upline,  we will work out a Internet code to identify those sent by you all for a profit split and you can see how big your profits can skyrocket.
Just let me know how we can assist you to get started.
A case study from a network marketing  business builder.

Dear Connie:  

I just want to thank you so much for the enlightenment and empowerment I achieved after reading your workbook and attending the LOA workshops. I set my business goals immediately after taking the classes and I have far exceeded my target to grow my wellness business including gathering customers and new business partners by using the techniques that you taught me. My business has extended into three new states and my check has increased every month since I took the workshops...sometimes with double digit growth....this is very exciting information that I believe every one can benefit from! I am amazed at how simple it was to follow your system and grow my network marketing business.

I am currently applying the system to attract a new mate! I found the information I learned to be a benefit to me in all areas of my life as I begin to attract what I want and become attractive to others that want to improve their health and grow a home based business...thank you so much for putting this workshop together...I am very grateful to have had this breakthrough in deliberately creating the life that I am wanting.

Rosemary Martin
Ideal Health

Katharine Giovanni added me as a regular speaker at her business workshops teaching people to begin a Concierge business, and they have increased from an attendance of only 2 to 23 people. You may reach Katharine as a reference at, or 919-453-2850,  Add me to your business training seminars and like Katharine Giovanni, watch your attendance and business profits grow fast. 


I am so happy that I was able to participate in your Concierge workshop last week.  Everyone needs to adopt a positive attitude, especially when dealing with other people, and Friday’s class with Connie Domino on the “Law of Attraction”  certainly brought it all together.  I’ve read all the how-to books on positive thinking and Connie’s presentation makes the most sense of all.  This is the BEST workshop I have ever attended.  Thank you Katharine. Terri Seidita, President, Concierge Home Services, LLC, Pittsboro, NC

I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful and successful workshop. Your workshop was the best experience, time and money I have ever spent. One that I will always remember and cherish. I can't wait until August when we meet again. Thank you! Santeina M. Leslie, Charlotte NC

One of the best seminars I have attended to date! Katharine you and Connie are truly inspirational. Keep spreading it around!!! - Cassandra Harris, President & Co Founder VIP ERRANDS, Houston, TX

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